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August 25, 2005

Teleport Rules

I know I say this about a new application every month, but Teleport is my new favorite application for Mac OS X.
If you use more than one mac at a time, and each have their own monitors, this application lets you share a single keyboard and mouse between the two (or more) computers. Way cooler than any KVM switch and you can use it with your laptops. Their description:

" teleport is a simple utility to let you use one single mouse and keyboard to control several of your Macs. Works on Panther and Tiger (sorry, no more Jaguar support). ��� Simply reach the edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your other Mac! The pasteboard can even be synchronized between the computers."

-CGP fo Life-

August 24, 2005

Ch-Check it out!

The Beastie Boys have released a cappella MP3's of a number of songs on their website. For your remixing pleasure, they even list the BPM's. They are limited to personal use, and new ones will be posted each week.

Heres what's up there now:

3 the Hard Way
An Open Letter To NYC
Brr Stick 'Em
Ch-Check It Out
Ch-Check It Out (Just Blaze)
Oh Word?
Rhyme the Rhyme Well
Right Right Now Now
Root Down
Triple Trouble

-CGP fo Life-

August 15, 2005

Join The Party Party

MoshDaddy pointed out The Party Party to us last week.
Amazingly good remixes of songs like Imagine and Sunday Bloody Sunday using nothing but soundbites from our fearful leader.

-CGP fo Life-

BOCHS running on Sony's PSP

BOCHS, the open-source x86 emulator, has been ported to the Sony PSP. How long until someone combines these instructions to install windows on your psp with these directions on installing Mac OS X Tiger x86 on generic pc's??

-KRS Juan-

August 12, 2005

Hustle & CoverFlow


Back in ancient times, before the likes of electricity and the wheel, people played music on these things called records. CoverFlow brings back the experience of digging through your LP's and finding the one you want by it's album art. It's currently a tech-demo, but is quite functional, and with a little polish this could be my favorite application of the year. There appears to be some troubles with it expiring soon (or already maybe?), but hopefully that will be cleared up soon.

-CGP fo Life-

August 10, 2005

DTV - Like Podcasts for Video

The Copyfight Ninjas at DownHillBattle have released a beta of DTV for the Mac

"Internet TV is Open and Independent
DTV is a new, free and open-source platform for internet television and video. An intuitive interface lets users subscribe to channels, watch video, and build a video library. Our publishing software lets you broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost. The project is non-profit, free and open source, and built on open standards......"

Download it and join the revolution.

-CGP fo Life-

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