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Flux Capacitor


More proof that some people have far too much free time on their hands, someone has recreated the Delorean from the Back to the Future movies and is selling it on ebay. From the auction:

"You never will again in this accurate recreation of the DeLorean Time Machine made famous in the Back to the Future movie series. This recreation was painstakingly researched for nearly 5 years before construction. Dozens of original photographs, details, and interviews with the original vehicle builders and collectors were compiled to make sure no detail was left un-accounted for. All of the interior and exterior Time Machine components were made to last, but at the same time not damage the integrity of the original vehicle. From custom fabricated aluminum work, to vac-formed plastic, and cast resin - this vehicle faithfully and accurately recreates the look and feel of the original movie car. Stainless steel body panels, grey leather interior, 5-speed manual transmission, V-6 engine with Bosch Fuel injection. Motion picture parts replicated through archival photos and extensive research; working interior and exterior lighting system including the "Flux Capacitor", "Time Circuits" and exterior "Flux Dispersion Banding""

-CGP fo Life-


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it is already at $31,500 sheesh!

Ebay has removed it.. hmmm..

Apart form the help of Hollywood's magic. Time Travel is now (has been) possible with the help of pioneer Steven L. Gibbs. His developement of the HYPER-DIMENSIONAL RESONATOR (HDR) is the first prototype believed to induce time travelling consequences by astral projecting.

Another device is aptly named ""Flux Capacitor" whereby it allows physical time travel. The real life flux does not require the use of 1.21 jigo-watts of electricity but a transformer converted power source from your wall outlet is sufficient. Nor will there be a need to travel at 88 miles an hour.

The interesting thing about the flux is that you will be able to travel together with the device forward or backwards in time without any other thing (no DeLorean or other medium required).

Interesting? Highly experimental stuff!

quero receber informacoes sobre o capacitor de fluxo e sobre o hdr.

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