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Representing for the Westside FAQ

This will be a full FAQ for those unfamilliar with Westside Representation. Full Instructions and pictures to follow.

We'll start this FAQ with some quick Defenetions:

  • Westside [adj.] Of the western part of a city.

  • Represent [v.] To be the result of (something) or to be (something)

  • Representing for the Westside [v. lit.] To be of the western part of a city. [v. fig.] To hold down for one's crown. To to flex and floss your crew to the maximum. To be illin chil and fresh, while macking all the fly hoes.

Some alternate phrases:

  • Reppin' the westside.
  • Thowin' up the 'W'
  • Representation
  • Westsiiiiiide!

    Now for beginers, you don't want to rush into Westside Representation all willy-nlly before you have the knowlledge and the skill to properly Represent. Rushing into Representation can lead to injury, and embarassment - which we all know is a big Westside no-no.

    The first rule in Representing the Westside is what experienced provayers of the Westside like to call "Throwing up the W's" This involves a hand gesture in where you hide your thumb bahind your palm, then cross your middle and ring fingers while extending your index and pinky fingers thus creating a glorious "W" gesture. Make sure if you are just begining that you do not try and "Rep' 'da Westide to the fullest extent" as this could lead to strain injuries. Practice throwing up the "W" at least 3 times a day, being sure not to over do it in the first few days.


"Capsidious getium peeledicus" was frequently heard in the days of yore but has been forgotten in these modern times. Here at CGP we are striving to bring back the ancient art of peeling caps and to do so we will represent to the fullest extent for the west side, if need be.


One day I was out and about going over my normal duties when I happened upon a cap that begged to be peeled. I gladly obliged. This experience was unique, however, because I peeled different. This is nothing new to those of us who represent for the West Side. Thousands of us are working every day to peel different. Join. Peel. Represent.

Fo Life!

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