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Dave Hyatt calls for Safari UI comments

Safari developer Dave Hyatt (Ex developer from Chimera) has put a post on his blog asking for GUI feedback. Let your opinion be heard! Tabbed browsing and an RSS ticker would be sweet. And The bookmark bar should never be the default, but who cares what I think. He promises to read all the comments on his blog and even trackbacks, so post here if ya want.
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A RSS ticker would be so sweet!!! I never thought of that.

His blog is gonna be spammed to hell maybe well have better luck on early trackback sites?

Seems to me Safari (apple) is too busy fixing what others do wrong and not looking at things they could do to innovate.

For the moment, I'd just love to see all the bugs fixed. And I think they have done a lot of innovation already in the browser:

Bookmarks have never been done so well, in any browser. And why is this the first time anyone has used the same button for stop and reload?

With both Chimera and Phoenix still in 0.x releases, and Mozilla sometimes still feeling like it's there, I'd rather see Apple's team get a good solid browser out there. But I expect some big innovations in Safari 2.

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