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Album Cover Wonderland

I love my MP3's but damn do I miss my album cover art. I never realized it until I found Jacket and Playalong. Both show album covers to whatever is playing in iTunes but the similarity ends there.

Jacket is an iTunes plug-in that shows your album covers full screen, but you have to add the jpegs manually. This ensures you get the right image, or can customize it for Mixes or live sets. This can take many days if you have a couple hundred albums.

Playalong is a floating window that shows a 1/2 inch square album cover but Automagically? finds the covers off Amazon for you. The problems with this, besides the fact that I despise floating windows, is when it's wrong you cant change it, it has no caching so it downloads the jpeg EVERY time, and 1/2 is just too small to actually enjoy the art.

If only Jacket kept it's customizability and added Playalong's auto-search I would be a very happy Cap Peeler.
-CGP fo Life-


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