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BroadQ Q-Cast Tuner

I won a free PS2 but I already have an X-Box and a ton of games for it and am pretty happy. I picked up Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Gran Tourismo 3, but lets face it the XBox has much much better graphics, Surround sound in games, and lets me pick my own music for many games. I started thinking about selling it when I decided to buy the Q-Cast Tuner from Broadq. It plays Divx, MPEG 1/2/4, MP3's, OGG and more. A Server app goes on your computer. It's a Java app that runs under Mac OS X (and 2 other OS's, but who cares about them) and a boot CD for the PS2. I will post an in-depth review once i really sit down and play with it, but so far it looks like we have a keeper!


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