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DVD2ONE Mac OS X a Possibility

According to this post (2nd from the bottom) the developers of DVD2one are looking into making a version for Mac OS X. For those of you who don't know what DVD2one is, It converts DVD9 (dual layer/larger than 4.7gb) to DVD5 (DVD-R/RW). It keeps menus, chapter marks, and subtitles. But the amazing part is that it takes less than an hour! The reason for it's speed is that it cheats, instead of re-encoding the video it deletes parts of the GOP. I have never personally seen a DVD made with DVD2one so i cannot say anything about it's quality, but LOTS of people buy this app so it cant be too bad. Oh wait, lot's of people buy windows too.
-CGP fo Life-

:::UPDATE::: Later in the thread the same DVD2one employee says they have purchased a PowerMac G4 to give it a go. As they have no mac experience this is in no ways a guarantee we will see a mac version, but now there is a very very good chance.


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