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2003 MDD G4s have USB 2

According to this korean article Apple's 2003 MDD G4 Dual 1.25ghz and 1.42ghz use a USB 2.0 controller. It's very possible it was cheaper than a 1.0 controller or maybe no one makes 1.0 controllers in mass anymore. Apple may not ever make a driver to enable USB 2 but the machine has the ability.
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Interesting article, does anyone know of a generic USB2 driver for G4 Macs? I bought (rather foolishly) and Adeptec 3100LP USB2 card but no driver was supplied, Adeptec tech support is crap and they shirk the issue saying it's Apple's problem (and mine), I tryed the OrangeMicro driver - figuring the chipset on the card was generic but no joy. Any ideas?

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