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Nude clothing

abracapocus.org links to Alba D'Urbano's line of faux nude clothing. One step closer to getting women to walk around everywhere naked.
-CGP fo Life-


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where's the fun in that? then it becomes commonplace and not exciting anymore. isn't have the fun the anticipation of what lies beneath?

I fully disagree. I think it is a bold commentary on physiological attaction. The clothing is not printed with a person's own body, instead it is sprayed with a pattern of someone else's (usually a tweaked out model). So when someone wears a garment by this designer, they are actually putting on a costume not only to get attention, but to try to attract a partner with false advertising.
The anticipation isn't lost from seeing naked flesh without working for it, the real anticipation of dating-someone-to-find-out-if-they-are-nuts-enough-to-want-to-actually-wear-the-skin-and-body-type-of-somebody-else is gone. Instead of waiting weeks to find out they are crazy, you find out the second you see them.

-Fo Life-

hmmm....i guess i was referring to the 'one step closer to getting women to walk around everywhere naked' part.

Ignore halfie, he's just being nuts, too much hanging out in the locker room at the Ice-capades. Your right that 80% of the fun is the anticipation and imagination.

Where do I buy these nude clothes? I'd love to annoy the park rangers who keep finding me having a private nude lunch. It would be funny to have him scream again, only to have him be embarrassed, as I would not be nude afterall.


I didn't think of 'guys' wearing these clothes... lol TPO! (That's pretty odd)

Leave it to the French to make it look, like the Empress isn't wearing any clothes. I guess you might say, this is Stealth Shielding for Fembots, or... Liberation for the obviously already extremely ultra liberal?

Anywise, I think its pretty interesting but doesn't seem to be available for the bodacious, the blonde, or the less then hair laden. I just wonder if they will add those tattoos and piercings, so that the depiction is more accurate?

So she shows up at a party, everyone is excited about her new nude clothes and she is the hit there. Then to her amazement, she realizes she left it hanging on the rack being in such a hurry and she IS nude! She tells her friend who circulates it around, all the excitment is gone... how mundane, how everyday, how...*dingalingaling!* the alarm goes off and she wakes up. Following a yawn, she wonders...should she wear the Britney or JLo underlook?

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