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Just another day livin in tha hood

Tomorrow morning I get the keys to my new condo. My first Home. I should be ecstatic right now. But I'm not. My fucking car got broken into today while I was at work. I had a lot of decent stereo stuff in it and it's all gone. It was in broad daylight and a fairly busy parking lot. I know I am lucky that I still have the car (I wish they stole it) but it really pisses me off. Thats life on the Westside. A friend is giving me a good deal on his old amp and sub, but I have to buy a new in-dash MP3 player to replace my Aiwa CDC-MP3. Too many to choose from (no I am not going to buy it from crutchfield, but it's useful for comparing specs). I need a front mounted input jack for my iPod and it looks like only the Aiwa and JVC have it. Any ideas?
-CGP fo Life-


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