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Gentoo goes PPC crazy

Gentoo, the new "in" Linux distro, loves us Mac people.

Monday they released Gentoo Live PPC CD - a bootable Linux CD that should work on most modern macs. It features:
*Custom PPC kernel (2.4.21-r1) with G4 AltiVec support
*Latest Mac-On-Linux emulator (run MacOS X in a window)
*Gentoo Compressed Loop 2GB live filesystem
*Xfree 4.3 (DRM) with either Gnome2.2.1/Metacity/Openbox or KDE3.1.2
and more

Then yesterday they announced Mac OS X support for Portage. Portage is a package manager/installer (think Fink) and that means more free software for Mac OS X.

-CGP fo Life-


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