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Rotten Core

CoreCrib (mentioned here and here), the company Repackaging/Reselling old Apple logic boards in new cases, is no longer in business. Just as I said, Apple came down on their parts supplier, Small Dog, since Apple Authorized repair facilities are not allowed to resell parts, especially not to another company who isn't in any way Apple authorized.

From their site:
" The Bad News: Our distributor was under contract to not sell the Apple components we reply on for our business. The supplier was unaware of the stipulation when we originally started our business agreements. Now that the facts are clear, they are under legal pressure to stop immediately and perminately the sales of Apple components to CoreComputers.

The Good News: We are actively searching for new suppliers which are not under agreements that restrict the sales and have a very good lead that may provide short term and long term supplies for current orders and new orders of both the CoreCrib and the CoreBox. "

-CGP fo Life-


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