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Blog Tycoon

Holy crap! Without even trying, My BlogShares account has gone from $5,000, to $360,807.39! Maybe it's because this blog's value went from $8.15 per share yesterday to $121.08 per share today! I may not be a Millionaire like abracapocus.org but it's still fun to watch. Maybe I should issue a split. Advice?
-CGP fo Life-


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wow, if only i could turn $500 into $1.5 mil in the space of a few months in real life...i haven't worked exceptionally hard at it. every few days look for good blogs that are undervalued. split? i don't know. haven't split my own yet. plus i really have no idea what i'm doing. apparently that's not a requirement.

I used to own a bunch of CGP stock, and now I am completely disapperaed from the list. Wtf is this garbage.

That and I can't spell.

Knight: everyting before May 15th was a beta test. The market was reset. There are still some shares available.

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