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Holy WWDC Goodness Batman

Steve-o did his vegan-voodoo today and gave us what we all want. FAST machines at a decent price point, but DAMN are they ugly. Is Johnathan Ives dead? Did Steve lock him in Gill Amelio's dungeon with all the unsold eMac's? Did a Sub-Zero fridge rape a Mirror Door G4 with a mesh condom? But who cares how it looks, It's FREAKIN FAST.

The iSight looks really cool and tiny, but $149 is a little high seeing that most other FireWire Webcam's are $99. I'm still gonna buy one, but at $99 Apple would sell a shitload more.

Safari 1.0 came out and now Apple will actually ship it with machines. Considering that 56% of this site's readers use Safari, thats a good thing.

Now my Dual 800 G4 is useless =)
-CGP fo Life-


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aww, but i think it's pretty!

Ahem, my G4/500 needs updating, so gimme your useless Dual 800.

Trade you some Blogshares cash?


IT'S NOT PRETTY DAMNIT! I guess if you look...no wait, still not pretty. Hey what's that metal not pretty thing on apple.com? Oh yeah the fastest computer in the world. It's a mini air conditioner. It's the radiator from a Delorean, but it aint pretty. Sorry for the rant, I just really dont like it.


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