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Interesting G5 Notes

I know it's the holiday weekend but no one seemed to notice some really big things in the recently released PowerMac G5 Dev Note on Apple's website.

g5 spec 1
(From Page 16, Figure 1-2)
The G5 has external Airport and Bluetooth antenna ports! I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else before.

g5 spec 1
(From Page 25, Chapter 2)
Ram MUST be installed in pairs of the same size! My guess this is due to the fact that the ram is 64-bit but the memory bus is 128-bit, and therefor accesses 2 banks of memory at a time much like a RAID array does with hard drives. This is common in workstations and mainframes, and I am sure others have noticed this when trying to do a G5 BTO at Apple's online store.

g5 spec 1
(From Page 26, Chapter 2)
This means everyone who was hoping to keep using their old 4x AGP card is out of luck.

g5 spec 4
(From Page 27, Chapter 2)
No big surprise, these cards are rare and wouldn't fit in most modern computers.

Found anything I missed? Comment below.
-CGP fo Life-


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