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Free Implants for Everyone!

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im a new mother who's breasts are very small. Im extremely self consciencous of my body but have a beautiful face i currently am unemployed to take care of my 3 month old so i do not have the money for implants that would change my life drastically can you help me?

I need help i am 24 i breast fed 2 kids and i have no boobs now, cant afford to buy them id feel guilty for not spending the money on the kids. and one is bigger than the other can i get free boobs some how? my boy friend doesnt even want me anymore I had his kid what's the problem it's half his fault all he does is look at porn . It's really awful to feel this way I feel inadequite.

I need help i am 24 i breast fed 2 kids and i have no boobs now, cant afford to buy them id feel guilty for not spending the money on the kids. and one is bigger than the other can i get free boobs some how? my boy friend doesnt even want me anymore I had his kid what's the problem it's half his fault all he does is look at porn . It's really awful to feel this way I feel inadequite.


Hi, I am a mother to a 1yr old girl. I was a 32C before having her and now I'm a 32A!! All of my clothes fit big in the bust now and I feel so insecure when I get dressed. Please help me get back to the way I was.

i am a mom of a 4month baby and my boobs are well i have none.I will not let my husban see them cuse they are so small well you help me with my problem??????

my teeth are broked off badly and they all need to be pulled i would like implants but i cant afford it i live in new port news va 23601 if youre willing to help me get that smile i dreaming of all my life please help 7576435239

I am a mother of 3 children and in college. I am about an "A" cup (but don't fill an A cup up). I would like to get breast implants to do something for my self. I can not afford to do this for my self so I am asking for help. COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME.

Hi, i just came across this site, i dont understand if i post this someone would actually be willing to buy me Breast Implants? sounds too good to be true, whats the catch? i been looking for a way to get Breast Implants for many many years now, i too cant afford them on my own, i am a mother of 3 so money is always tight, i really dont know what to say this sounds crazy to me and i cant believe im actually posting a message here, well if anyone wants to make my dreams come true of getting Breast implants then i hope you can help. i'm not going to post my personal info on here, so if you think you can help email me and i will give you my measurements and weight and what ever info you want. i must be nuts!! Thanks Katt

I would love to have breast Implants. I would make a good candidate and would be very greatful. Whatever the catch is how do I learn more about it!!! Please Pick Me!!!! Thanks

I am going on 23.I have 2 kids and I have been saying I wanted breast implants since I was about 15 when my puberty was ending and I never developed passed a 32A.I am 5'5" and 125lbs.I am very comfortable with the rest of myself(except the fact that I was not blessed w/ nice breast).I have tried several times to save for them but,with 2 kids and a mortgage(I always have to dip in those savings)!I have wanted this for so long and i've tried so hard to reach this goal of mine.Unfortunatly,it is such a far fetched goal and I can't seem to make it happen financially!If I actualy found a loop hole it would not only be a miracle but, a dream come true!

Hi I'm not exactly sure how this works I just found this site by searching so I figured hey it doesn't hurt to post along with everybody else. I'm 25 yrs old and in need of some kind of augmentation. I'm a size 34d natural but over the years they have started to sag and I would like to go a size bigger 34dd so if anybody wants to help me do that please email me.

im 24 no boobs ill do anything if someone gets me a set...im sure that there is one man out there who would like to make my dream come true ....please dont make me go on howard stern!!!!

please help me. Iam a mother of 2 kids. I really want a breast enlargement.anyone willing to help email me.

I am a mother of two, 20 yrs old and I have not even an A cup... I am very self conscious and I have really wanted a D cup since I started puberty. Well I am still no where near there... I would greatly appreciate it.

hi my name is shawna,im a mother of two beautiful children.im a size 34A and im very self concious about my breast one is larger than the other and i would like help to look better.please help me...

I am here for the same reason as everyone else, I want breast implants. I am 31 but people think that I am 22 and I hope that it lasts, someday I will wake up looking 90 though I am sure, lol. Anyway I have 4 children and if someone really wishes to give out free implants, pick me, pick me. LOL Thanks!

Ok, first off you young mothers are idiots! Do you honestly think plastic domes on your chest are going to do a damn bit of good? If you're unemployed, you get a job, not boobs. Boyfriend looks at porn since you had the kid? I wonder why...could it be because babies take up a lot of time and attention, I assume you two haven't had sex since the conception. And no amount of saline in your chest is going to make things the same between you again. Teeth broken off? How about stop eating junk food and brush once in a while? Implants are not a distraction from visible bad living habits. If you got knocked up outside of a loving relationship in the first place, you have no self esteem to being with and no amount of plastic surgery is going to change that. Studies have shown women with implants are more likely to commit suicide. So go on, keep begging for some poor sap to pay thousands for fishbowls put into your chests, but in the meantime keep searching for comfort and that self-esteem you'll never find in a stranger's arms....who knows maybe you'll get pregnant and temporary have those ugly, droopy tits that you want so much.

To the irate person who posted her comment before me.
Everyone would love to capture their youthful or post child barring appearance that sometimes seems to be deprived from you when you bring life into this world or simply from age. Why in this day and age should you have to accept this . Some may feel uncomfortable for other reasons; possibly they didn’t have the same start as most do. I believe you need to see photos of woman with breast irregularities and conditions. With the age of technology where even models are made to look more appealing and the importance of how a person looks, it is easy to feel inadequate even under your best outer appearance. Men are made to believe that all woman should be as perfect as the presentation of woman and the porn they are able to easily access everywhere (this same material is demeaning and lowers the value of all woman to men and for us with each other). You have no apathy for others, to tongue lash others by belittling them is as low class as you are trying to place them. If your intent is to have constructive criticism then you could be closer to the mark . It would might be more helpful to support your fellow woman by telling them they are beautiful as they are instead of abrading them in the public eye whether you believe them to be uneducated or uncouth and at the very least, nicer. Maybe your perception is best kept to yourself. Even I would enjoy a more youthful look. I had a beautiful body but as I have aged on top of having had 4 children in a loving marriage (that should comfort you) and I am educated (as you might have guessed) Feelings run deep, I am aware of how and why those feelings may have gotten there and that is why the ignorance of your words is indefensible.

I am a fine 28 year old women who is lacking the proper boobs to go along with this hot body of mine. I am a very talented woman who sings, acts, dance as does comedy. I really hate looking at my self in the mirror due to my small sagging boobs. I just know if this problem were fixed I woul be the bomb ready to explode.

Ok so Im 21 an I got 3 kids. Teh first 2 kids i had just to make my boobs bigger but they didn't grow much. The third baby was an accident. I breast-fed my babies for a short tiem b/c it made my boobs shrink and I didnt want that so I swicched them to formmula. 3 babies and my boobs are still only 32A. I would like to get immplants but I cant aford them b/c I hav such a low sallary. Can sumeone please help me? Thanx so much LOL!

Oh come on now. I'm an educated woman in her late 20's and happily married, and loves her B cups. What kind of a woman would go through strenuous surgery due to her low self esteem? Pregnancy usually makes your boobs swell anyway..why force unsafe chemicals into your system? Katinthehat sounds like a sappy woman who never liked herself and goes by what men tell her, so she needs to be validated by what men tell her (e.g. you need big boobs to be pretty) We're awfully sorry if your husband isn't attracted to you anymore, or that your body isn't what it was after 4 kids..you should have known that before you opened your legs. And if you buy that propaganda shit about how men love airbrushed models and how women are supposed to look like that...well obviously that education you got isn't worth a damn.

Help me cose I ned implants. I gots 5 kid and i neeed big boob,i cant afford dem cose i get walfare. but i need them my boobs samll. I think it will be dream come true.

I am a beautiful 20 year old ... mother of 2! I am tryin to get back into modeling again and Breast Implant are pretty much a must ! I can send you pics of what I look like , and we can chat as much as you like ! I want to make a better future for myself and my family . Breast Implats will enhance my modeling career , and make more oppertunities become availible !

Im 21 yrs old i have two children and i thought that my breast might get bigger when i had them and they just shrunk right back down what can i do to fix this i wanted to get implants but I know i just cant afford it can someone help me

can any one please help me i am only 25 but due to pregnancy have the breasts of a 90 year old. i have always had major issues with my body now more so as i have become a mother, i am a nursing student in the uk and breast lifts are so expensicve hear all i want is to feel like a sexy woman and have breasts i can be proud of. im working hard on other parts of my body and im getting there slowley but there is no change with my boob.s i feel like crying when i see them and so would you can some one please make my only wish come true please make me feel sexy again xxxx

iv got one boob bigger than the other, never had a bra that fits, cant not wear a bra as nipples are leveled differently and im a size 14, curves all over and half a flat chest, beat that!!!

Hi im Kate im 22 and have two beautiful daughters one is 4 and the other 8 months. Ive never really had a big bust and ive always wanted to improve it, ive even been in a documentry a few weeks back about small breasts. Ive tried everything i can think of or know of to get bigger breasts. I just did a search on google and ended up here. I breast fed both my daughters which led to my breasts turning into empty sacks of skin. Being flat chested can control your life. It makes you feel incomplete, i know i dont feel like a woman should. Breasts are the main feature of a woman a natural birth right. I hate the thought of going anywhere where you need to show i.d as i am constantly being asked my age. My confidence spiralled when i was feeding my daughters as my breasts were full and i felt so sexy and complete. Then its as if they have burst and so has my confidence! I want to raise my daughters with confidence as i would hate my lack of confidence to rub off on to them. Implants would change my life.

Hi, ive always had small boobs there a 34aa, im 20 and i feel like a boy my last bf dumped me because i wouldn't go out anywhere because i always think people mistake me for a lad, im a size 12 the rest of my body im fine with i just want to look and feel like a girl can any1 help me?

Boy I don't know may get laughed off this site but here it goes. I am 48 and a mother of 4 sons, yes thats right was young when I had kids but everyone says I look young 35, I have tried to maintain my looks but age has caught up in my breast area. After 30 years of marriage I am divorced and very self concious of my breast. I live on a limited income and can not afford breast implants. Now that my children are gone and I am single again I would like to feel youthful again as breast feeding my children took away which once was muscular. If you can make this wish come true I would be so grateful,

Plez help I'm 18 and I only have c cups.I need bigger ones cuz otherwise I can't live my dreamto star in pornos.

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