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Every time I take a vacation something goes wrong. This year I was in the Bahamas celebrating Junkanoo (like Carnival or Mardi Gras for the islands) 24 hours of drinking, debauchery, and general Westside representation.

In case you can't tell, our host was hacked over christmas.
The hackers deleted every site on the host's servers and even somehow got to all of their backups. The last backup I made was 10/12/03 (doh!) and as you can see things are still pretty broken. The only good news is that it gave me the opportunity to upgrade to MoveableType 2.65 which fixes some bugs and adds a couple new features. We will not let the eastside bring us down. This year will be bigger and better than anything seen here before (like that will be hard =).

You can do your part by simply holding it up for the true Westsiders, keepin it real, and sending news tips and stories to BlackFly@capsgetpeeled.com. Lets start 2004 off with a bang bang bang!

-CapsGetPeeled fo Life-


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yep.. I feel ya.. we were hacked too... but our MT did not break.

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