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Wired's 2003 Vaporware Awards

Here is the Vaporware Awards list for 2003:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Duke Nukem Forever (Promised since 1997)

10: GriffinTech's RadioShark (2003)
9: Amiga OS 4.0 (why does anyone care?) (2001)
8: Fossil's Wrist PDA (2002)
7: HDTV Tivo (2003)
6: FWB's RealPC (2003)
5: Sandisk's Wi-Fi SD Card for Palm (2003)
4: Valve's Team Fortress 2 (1998)
3:Infinium Lab's Phantom Gaming Console (2003)
2: Black Isle Studio's Fallout 3 (2002)
1: Valve's Half-Life 2 (2003)

Who wants to bet at least half of these will be on next years list as well?
-CGP fo Life-


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