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Penguin Smack


Yeti Sports is the flash equilivent of crack. Your a Yeti who smacks penguins with a big club. What could be more fun than that?? Seriously, I dont know a single person who has played this and isnt addicted. Thanks to livnir.

-CGP fo Life-

*UPDATE: The url changed and has been corrected above.


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I bet no one can smack the penguin farther than 323.9!

try 535.5

there's some versions that let you hit it further

how about 593.5

I got over 3000

my highest was 587.6, but i can't get any higher than that.

593.5 was the highest I've gotten also... same as Dave.

I got 48 hundred billion. You guys suck at this game.

i got 12,192,001

I've hit that sucker a million times and 593.5 ft is as high as it goes, however there is another version out there (smack the penguin... on steroids) that went up to 1,224.1 ft.

i honestly got 1250.5

I got 593.6 basically the same as dave

Who really cares?

now theres a conversation stopper. nice one

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