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Mac in the Box? (OS X Powered Scion xB!)

Yup, Besk one is a siiiiick puppy - he's not content with his new Scion xB just the way it is, so he's modding the hell out of it - and his current project is to install what ammounts to a PowerBook G4 500Mhz 512mb ram 80gb drive, Airport, Bluetooth and GPS connected to a 7" Touchscreen monitor in his dash.

Ya, i know what you're thinking... "Man this Besk one guy is out of his mind, there's just no reason for that". But there is my friends! the reason is I'm a siiiick bastard and having iTunes, Internet access, Bluetooth sync'ing with my phone, DVD's, DIVX, MPG's, AVI's and GPS Satalite Navigation is PIIIIIMPY!

Have a peep at the new Touchscreen hooked up to my G4 Tower for testing:

CapsGetPeeled.com will have a special area dedicated to the design and installation of Besk's new Mac in the Box as i get going with the project, check back for more details!


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How is the progress going? I'm eager to see more pics soon.

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