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CGP's New Home


For roughly $4,000,000 you too can have your own underground Titan Missile Complex! This thing is massive:

Power Dome - 125' diameter, 75' ceiling
Control Dome - 100' diameter, 50' ceiling
3 - 155' deep Missile Silos
3 - Equipment Terminal Buildings - 4 Stories
3 - Misc. Buildings adjacent to Silos
Ex-Air Intake Building (Empty Useable Space)
Ex-Air Exhaust Building (Empty Useable Space)
2 - Antenna Silos - 6 stories deep
1 - Entry Portal Building- 6 stories deep

Totally self-sufficient, it has it's own power and water supply. With walls up 14ft thick this thing was originally designed to survive a 1-megaton nuclear blast within 3,000 feet. With all the air filtering equipment removed I doubt this claim holds up anymore but imagine the possibilities! Campgrounds for your cult! Drug processing lab (make the Molson factory bust look like childs play)! Evil Ferret breeding lab!

-CGP fo Life-


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