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Missing Sync for Zodiac


MacNN is reporting that Mark/Space has announced The Missing Sync for the Tapwave Zodiac! The Zodiac is a palm based portable gaming device made by ex-Apple and ex-Palm employees. It's got a huge screen, good graphics and sound, bluetooth, SD slot, force feedback, and can run any Palm OS application. But, and this is a fairly big but, absolutly zero mac support. No palm or iSync. Tapwaves retail games, movies, and mp3's cannot be installed from a mac. You can however send normal Palm .prc files via bluetooth to the device. For $40, The MissingSync should do all of this and even transfer your highscores from the Zodiac to Tapwave's website. I love my Zodiac, maybe now that I can use it as a PDA I will love it more.

-CGP fo Life-


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