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I've been using Gumby since last year but completely forgot to post about it! This app does EVERYTHING!

"Gumby is a multipurpose application for manipulating, fixing and converting files found on the net. Over the years, many tools have appeared to handle such files, unfortunately the majority have been PC-based, thus leaving Mac users in the dust. Gumby tried to rectify this situation by providing roughly 20 programs into a single application.

VCD Jelly: Extracts an mpeg-1 film from a file.
SVCD Jelly: Same thing as above but for Mpeg-2 files.
SVCD Fixer: Fixes SVCD's so they work on some players.
Binchunker: Converts a binary file (.bin) to an ISO.
SFV Checker: Performs checksum verification on files.
PS2 Patcher: Patches PS2 images (CD or DVD) for the Japanese swap trick.
PPF Patcher: Applies PPF patches to images.
MPEG Cutter: Cuts or trims MPEG documents.
Unrar Extractor: Extracts files from RAR documents.
PAR Checker: Fixes RAR documents using parity files (PAR).
PS2 PAL: Converts PAL PS2 games so they run on NTSC TV sets.
GI to ISO: Converts Primo DVD images to standard ISO.
S/VCD Builder: Creates VCD or SVCD images from mpeg documents.
MPEG Fixer: Demuxes, Remuxes, Fixes and Repairs MPEG files.
Batch Processor: Automates multiples functions to work with 1 click."

All the CGP staff use this app daily, and according to the site a major update is coming.

-CGP fo Life-


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