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Fix your Hymn


The latest version of Hymn still decypts your iTunes music, but leaves your personal info to discurage file sharing. iTunes 4.6 however, recognizes these songs as decrypted and refuses to play them.

Gizmodo to the rescue:

"Luckily, there's a way around it if you're handy with a hex editor (thanks to Slashdot user Otto for this; I don't want to imply I thought this up myself, although it is stupidly easy). Search for the string 'geID' in your file -- it might be something similar, but different, but the screenshot shows roughly were it should be. Change that to something else (I used 'heID') and save the file. Voila, your music is free again and you've just broken any number of federal statutes. Welcome to the club. You were probably already a member."

-CGP fo Life-


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