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Apple's G5 Liquid Cooling System


Apple Insider has published detailed illustrations of the liquid cooling system used in Apple's new G5. It looks very similar to the liquid cooling system developed by MIT students (who were sponsored by Apple) if you ask me. Keep in mind this entire system is enclosed in the heatsink.

I cant help but wonder how long untill someone tries to open their heatsink and destroys their new G5. Or some tech at CompUSA who cant even spell Macintosh wants to change out someones radiator fluid for them, only after Pep-Boys refills their car's blinker fluid of course.

"1. G5 processor at point of contact to the heatsink.
2. G5 processor card from IBM
3. Heatsink (also referred to as a 'waterblock')
4. Cooling fluid output from the radiator to the pump
5. Liquid cooling system pump
6. Pump power cable (usually connected to the main logic board, but repositioned in the above diagram)
7. Cooling fluid radiator input from the G5 processor
8. Radiant grille
9. Airflow direction "

-CGP fo Life-


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