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iPod Universal Remote


The always excellent Engadget has a great write-up on how to turn your iPod into a universal remote using the following:
"* iPod (doesn’t matter which one, we used our mini)
* PC or Mac with sound recording software (we used a PC with SoundForge)
* A Pocket PC (any Pocket PC 2002 / 2003 should work, we used a Toshiba and an iPaq)
* Griffin’s Total Remote Software and IR device"

Sure, you could just buy a Pronto Neo and have better controls and a better interface, but then you wouldn't look like a total moron pointing your MP3 player at your TV.

-CGP fo Life-


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ok. what really makes you look lamer. The ipod remote or a fucking roomba? I mean, if you really want to control a little thing that spends its life sucking things around the house, get a sorority girl as a roommate. jeez.

Good job

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