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Apple Cracks FairPlay For You

The german news site MacNews.de is reporting a way to use iMovie to strip the FairPlay DRM from protected iTunes Music Store songs. Since I dont read german, and am too lazy for Babelfish, here's a quote from MacNN:

"Apple's iMovie can be used to strip the FairPlay digital rights management protection (DRM) on iTunes songs, according to a report by German news site Macnews.de. The site reports that Apple's own video tool can be used to create unprotected song files that be played on any computer without recompression, circumventing iTunes' DRM protection. iMovie users can use the "Share" feature of iMovie to export any imported (protected) song from the iTunes Music Store. The exported songs can either be stored in the un-protected AAC file format (used by Apple at the iTMS) or in the raw WAV file format; both of these formats are supported by iTunes."

Will Apple sue themselves for DMCA violations??

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