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Macintosh Garden

Do you ever miss playing classic mac games like Lemmings, Prince of Persia, or Monkey Island? Then you should check out The Macintosh Garden. Home to tons of macintosh abandonware games.

"Welcome to the Macintosh Garden, a site devoted to preserving Macintosh abandonware games.

Abandonware is commercial software that has been discontinued by the publisher and are not sold or supported anymore. If you are the publisher of a certain game on this site, and wish that it is removed, please email me and I will remove the game.

The interest for abandonware is increasing everyday. One reason is that the emulators keep getting better and there are quite a few great emulators that runs the MacOS. Another reason is that people realize that all these new "cool" 3D games already have been made. And usually the original is more fun to play. :)"

It's been up for a few years and just keeps getting bigger, and you have to love the great Mac OS 7.5.3 interface for the website.

-CGP fo Life-


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