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DIY Final Scratch??

For his graduate thesis from the MIT MediaLab this guy used 2 CueCats (those free barcode readers from RadioShack), 2 Technics 1200's, and some homemade electronics to build his own homebrew version of FinalScratch.

"These pages document my final (graduate thesis) project at the Media Laboratory. The five month-long project concentrated on the development of a hardware/software interface for controlling musical events on a computer using a set of disk-jockey turntables and paper ‘records’ that can be printed or drawn. These records contain visual markings representing programming information for synthesis and/or sequencing of music, which is optically interpreted by a plug-in cartridge (aka spinal cat) for the turntable tonearm. The cartridge then communicates with software on a host computer via MIDI or serial protocols."

Check out the cool photo's or read the Thesis for yourself.

-CGP fo Life-


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