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I have always been disappointed with the lack of good visual plug-in's for iTunes. Sure there's G-Force, but compared to WinAmp and some of the other Windows MP3 players we donít have squat. Thatís why I was ecstatic to find JewelCase. JewelCase renders a spinning 3D CD jewelcase of whatever your listening to. If the song has album art, it is used as the cover and altered for the back cover.
And JewelCase renders a track listing of all the other songs on the album (that you have, and have properly tagged) on the back.

"JewelCase is a plug-in that turns iTunes into a visual jukebox, displaying each song in a virtual CD jewel case, complete with album cover art, artist and album information... It's just like viewing real CDs in your collection!"

Simple, elegant, and free. Just like your mom.

-CGP fo Life-


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