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The Ultimate Beer Bong


Not many Beer Bongs have their own domain, and usually for good reason, but this multi-stage, multi-person, compressed air powered Beer Bong truely deserves it's name: The Ultimate Beer Bong.

"My good friend, Billy Holder, and I created what we called 'The Device' some time ago. It was a successful over complication of a beer delivery funnel, also known as a 'beer bong'. Sadly Billy moved out, and there was a deep loss felt from 'The Device' and such the incarnation of 'The Device 2.0'. This was to be the biggest, most over complicated, most over engineered beer bong ever created. In fact it was to be such a spectacle it was to have it's own documentry website, and thus you have read this, and it has been done.

The basic idea, simultaneously tap two beer sources being either a sankey Keg, or a 5-gallon party ball, push it with a replenishing air compressor to either a faucet, or up to a 4-gallon upper holding tank with four hoses leading off into four mouths racing to finish their hose.
Media type: Keg / Partyball / Water / Air
PSI: Tank-120/First drop-30/BeerSwitch drop-12-14
Upper Tank: 4-gallon capacity with hoses / Activly intercooled via radiator and refidgerator based resevoir.
BeerSwitch: Able to redirect water, air, or beer from two sources into two faucets, up to the main tank, or all three at the same time. "

-CGP fo Life-


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