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All thieves should die soon after watching their mothers get gang-raped!

Well, Besk one's house got robbed last week, fucking bastards cleaned up and got away with the following booty:

Brand NEW PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz, 1.5GB Ram, 2x 250GB Hard Drives SN# YM4384H1QPM
Apple 20' Cinema Display (ADC) SN# YM4384H1QPM
Canon Digital Elph S230 SN# 8185A001 [AA]
Philips Pronto Pro TSU 7000 SN# PL1A0428006201
Apple iBook G3 500Mhz, 512MB Ram, 10GB Hard Drive (bought used, no SN handy)
Apple iBook G3 600Mhz 256MB Ram, 20GB Hard Drive (with broken screen hinges)
Evolution MK-426 MIDI Controller
Lilliput 7" Touchscreen (see car-puter thread)
250GB Firewire Drive (my backup HD)
200GB Western Digital ATA Hard Drive
My Friends Sony Camcorder

so Help a fellow cap peeling brother out, and be on the lookout some sucker ass punk selling said items cheap on e-bay or craigslist - If I ever find out who did this, I'll probably be in jail for splattering their insides all over the place I find them, but hopefully the cops find them first.

And a note to everyone - GET RENTERS INSURANCE! it's cheap and will save your ass - as I'm finding out, not having it really sucks sweaty monkey balls...

The worst part about the whole deal is the 6 years of data that's now gone :(

And it's not like I didn't have a backup in case my internal drives died - the bastards stole my BACKUP DRIVES TOO! - a good case for always having an off-site backup of your important data!


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