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Reader Submission Contest

Besk one is back bitches!! After getting robbed by some punk ass tricks and trick ass marks - I've begun replacing all the booty that got snatched from my pad.

Fresh out of the box, I'm posting from my new PowerMac G5 Dual 2.7Ghz, with two 250GB SATA Hard Drives, 2.5GB Ram, and a shiny new 23" Cinema HD Display! (yes I'm now shit-ass poor, and yes I had to finance half, but hell... that's what credits for right???)

So here's the contest, since I lost all of my data, and all of my apps that were on the system that got nicked, I need suggestions for cool apps, utilities, widgets, desktop accessories etc... to populate what is at the moment a tragically baren wasteland of hard drives, lusting for creamy nuggets of digital wonderment and content galore.

Leave your suggestions in the comments, and I'll pick my fav - the winner will get - well probably nothing, and possibly just a rant from me pointing out your shortcomings as a man/your mothers weight/or some other rude and/or crass comment - but it'll be fun, you know you like it!

No seriously, the winner will get a front page entry on CapsGetPeeled.com with me doing a full review on the winning app, and giving you your 5 minutes of glorious westside representation :)

Peace bitches!
-CGP fo Life-


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