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Tickr For Flickr


Tickr for Flickr is a really nice and simple Flickr desktop ticker. Type in a tag, pick an image size and screen location, and watch the pictures scroll. Under the hood are tons of little features that make this one elegant application.

"But you probably want to know a little more about the images you're seeing, so you can point to them with your mouse and see the title the photographer gave the image, the tags which people have given the image, and the original image's size in pixels. If you double-click the image, its flickr page will open in your web browser.

tickr's contextual menu deserves a little discussion. By right- or Control-clicking on an image, you can bring up a contextual menu from which you can pause and resume the tickrshow, open the image's flickr page (same as a double-click), open a larger version of the image, or open the photographer's photostream page. All of these options will open a new window in your favorite web browser. You can also copy a link to the image's flickr page (great for showing your friends an image in Newspeak!) or copy the image itself to the clipboard. If you save the image to your Pictures folder, they'll be saved in a subfolder called tickr Downloads."

-CGP fo Life-


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