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One Red Paperclip


One Red Paperclip is so brilliant and retarded at the same time I am amazed I didn't think of it.

"My name is Kyle MacDonald and I am trying to trade one red paperclip for a house. I started with one red paperclip on July 12th, 2005 and I am making a series of trades for bigger or better things. My current item up for trade is one afternoon with Alice Cooper. Do you want to spend one afternoon with Alice Cooper? Pop your offer over to me at (oneredpaperclip@gmail.com) or give me a shout at 310-689-8867. (If you can't get through - please send a text message) You can see the current offers here. I live in Montreal Canada but will go anywhere in the world for the right offer."

So he started with one red paperclip, which he traded for a fish shaped pen. The pen was traded for a door handle which was in turn traded for an old coleman camping stove. The stove was traded for a beatup red generator but that got traded for a keg of beer and a neon sign. The beer and sign combo got him a snowmobile. The snowmobile was traded for a trip to someplace called Yahk which was (smartly) traded for a moving van. The van got traded up for a recording contract which was turned into a year without rent in Phoenix. And finally, that year in phoenix was traded for a day with Alice Cooper. Just damn cool.

-CGP fo Life-


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