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Treehouse Pimpin


Do you have a spoiled kid and an extra $18,000? Or maybe you have a pirate obsession and need a place to hide from your wife? Well then Costco has your answer.

"Each tree house is built in two main pieces: the playhouse and the log. The log is a real, old fallen tree that we hollow out using a chainsaw! To get into the playhouse, simply enter the door in the hollow log, climb up the ladder in the center of the log and pull yourself through the trap door in the floor of the playhouse. Kids or no kids, this tree house is an incredible addition to any landscape!

Every tree house is a unique creation. That's because no two logs are exactly alike. Although they each differ, they're all extraordinary! Skallywag Sloop tree houses are about 14’ tall at the roof peak, and 20’ tall at the top of the flag. The average log is about 4' in diameter. It's a snug fit, but a large adult can easily climb inside and stand straight up with room to spare."

When I was a kid, I was lucky to get an eyepatch, let-alone a kisk-ass pirateship treehouse thats worth more than my car.

-CGP fo Life-


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