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September 30, 2003

Coke Using Satellites to Track You

This article says:
"Next summer, Coca-Cola plans to use satellites to find U.S. buyers who happen to purchase special cans of Coke products."
By inserting a GPS transmitter inside some cans they plan on following the cans and giving their owners H2 Hummers or $1 million in gold.
-CGP fo Life-

September 29, 2003

Ishkurs Guide to Electronic Music

Ishkur has released version 2 of his Guide to Electronic Music. Ever wanted to know the difference between Nu Italo House and Synthtron? Or Darkcore and Techstep? Now you can look at their evolution with samples! 2 hours of awsome samples, from Jungle to J-pop!

-CGP fo Life-

September 27, 2003

Mac UT2004

According to Inside Mac Games, Epic's Mark Rein officially announced Unreal Tournament 2004 for Mac!

"According to Rein, the OS X version of UT2004 will be released "at approximately the same time" as the Windows version, and will include optimizations to run on Apple's new G5 desktops. Distribution for the Mac version will be handled by veteran Mac publishers Macsoft."

The PC version of the game is being written specifically for AMD's new 64 bit processor, and Ryan Gordon (the man behind UT2003 for mac) was even demoing the 64-bit version at AMD's launch event. It's pretty safe to assume this game will kick ass especially on the G5.
-CGP fo Life-

September 26, 2003

Might As Well Face It, Your dead

British rock singer Robert Palmer is dead at 54. He was the man behind "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible". He died of a heart attack while chillin in Paris.
-CGP fo Life-

GameBoy Advance Wireless Adapter

Motorola has announced this nifty short range wireless adapter for Gameboy Advanced and SP. Up to five players at a time but only for use with people close by. The odd thing is while it uses the 2.4ghz band (bluetooth, wifi, ect) it actually uses the old TDMA cell phone standard. I guess motorola had a lot of old phones left over. The article says it will be available in Japan in early 2004.
-CGP fo Life-

September 23, 2003


When your on the run from the cops for murder, stealing a $5 sandwich is probably not the smartest thing to do, especially when you have $500 in cash on you.
-CGP fo Life-

September 21, 2003

CGP fo Life

When we say "fo Life" we mean it.
-CGP fo Life-

September 19, 2003

Aarrgh I Want Me Some Booty, and Some Pirate Treasure too

Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Grab your wench and a bottle of rum and show the world your scurvy. Ahoy!

September 17, 2003

Random Quotes

I have added a random quote generator to the bottom of the sidebar on the right. The only hard part is coming up with good quotes. Post suggestions in the comments section.
-CGP fo Life-

September 16, 2003

Guerrilla Art

This lady goes to Home Depots across the US, buys materials like cement and bricks, and builds sculptures with them while still inside the store, then leaves it for the employees to clean up. She has already done it 50 times and plans on doing it in every state.
-CGP fo Life-

AngleGrinder Man to the Rescue

This British guy is my new personal hero! He drives around England with an angle-grinder cutting the boot (wheel clamp) off people's car for free. I got the boot on my car once and not only did it cost a fortune to have the city remove, but they ruined my new rims.
-CGP fo Life-

September 12, 2003

Flügtag is coming

Flügtag is coming to LA!!! September 20th on the Santa Monica Pier. Flugtag is a contest where people launch man-made objects off piers with themselves inside. It should be a blast and most of the the CGP staff will be there drinking their lives away. Come on by and buy us a beer.
-CGP fo Life-

R.I.P. Mr Ritter

John Ritter passed away last night from a heart defect. I was good friends with his son Jason and daughter Carly when I was in junior high school and in spending lots of time at their house in Brentwood I got to know John pretty well. I can honestly say he was one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met, and not just for a celebrity, a truly good human being. He will be missed and our condolences go out to his entire family.
-CGP fo Life-

September 10, 2003

FireWire TV Tuner and DVMC

Xlr8YourMac.com is talking about a cool Firewire based TV Tuner and Video Converter currently only available in Japan. More info is on the IOData japanese website.
-CGP fo Life-

The Internet is for Porn

PoingFerret found Muppets praising internet porn(sorry it's in RealPlayer).

-CGP fo life-

September 5, 2003

Sync your Newton with iTunes

From the WHY department comes the iTunes Newton Plug-in. This plug-in allows you to sync your Apple Newton with iTunes 1 or 2. Why people would want to waste their time I dont know, but damn do I miss my Newton.
-CGP fo Life-

WMP 9 for OS X Soon?

Micro$oft's Windows Media Player for Mac page has been updated with the following note:

"Coming Soon!  Windows Media Player 9 Series for Mac OS X will deliver compatibility with 9 Series audio and video content."

Maybe they will make it not suck ass this time, and maybe Bill Gates will buy me my own personal porn star. Seriously Bill, I know you can spare one.
-CGP fo Life-

September 3, 2003

Luxury CD-Rs

These silkscreen luxury CD-R's from LuckyDisc and 5inch.com are sweet. LuckyDisc only offers 3 designs but they are all pretty cool. 5inch.com offers 53 designs of all different styles and color.
-CGP fo Life-

September 2, 2003

Atari Games Rule

Halfie took time out of his busy married life and got me the Atari 10-in-1 from Jakks Pacific. It's an Atari 2600 with 10 games all enclosed in an original-style Atari 2600 joystick. The games are:
Circus Atari
Missle Command
Real Sports Vollyball
Yars Revenge

If they added Frogger, Pitfall, and Joust I would never leave the house. Nintendo should make these with old NES games and the original NES controller.
-CGP fo Life-

Best of Craigslist

I love reading Craigslist. I'm not looking to buy anything or trying to find a new job, I just love how cracked out some of the people are. Among the loads of mentally unbalanced postings I found 2 gems that are the best of the bunch.
The Rules for shopping at Costco
Kevin's Guide to Los Angeles
-CGP fo Life-

MPlayer 1.0pre1 released

The video player that plays almost anything you throw at it, Mplayer, has been updated to version 1.0pre1! Lots of changes listed but the mac specific ones are:

•Ported to Darwin / Mac OS X (with extra accurate Darwin timers)
•Lots of PPC (including Altivec) optimizations
•Configure: enable VIDIX for PPC
•Configure: full featured PPC optimizations and rewritten architecture handling
•GUI: PPC (reverse byteorder) fixes

-CGP fo Life-

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