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October 10, 2003

Java 4D Rubiks Cube

Found this really cool 4D Rubik's Cube on MetaFilter.
-CGP fo Life-

October 9, 2003

Hey Apple Steal This


According to Gizmodo Samsung has released it's Napster 2.0 20gb portable MP3 player, the YP-910GS (talk about creative!).
At first I thought Who cares? It's tied to Napster 2 and it's wonderful Windows only DRM. It's not firewire. blah blah blah... and then I saw 2 features that are must haves for the iPod: Built in FM transmitter and it can record radio straight to MP3! That's fuckin dope.
-CGP fo Life-

Crazy Japanese Mouse

All that therapy and your still suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder? Been on a month-long meth binge and still feel "unclean"? Then the Loas HandClean mouse is perfect for your cracked-out ass. According to the pictures on the website (I can't read Japanese) the HandClean mouse has a special LED that kills germs and disinfects your hand. If you have any sort of feeling that you need this mouse, please, for the sake of society, get help. If you don't get help from Caps, get help somewhere.
-CGP fo Life-

October 8, 2003

Bass Station Case-Mod

Gizmodo found one of the coolest "Case-Mods" we have ever seen. The Bass Station is a Ghettoblaster/Wifi Basestation/WebServer/Audio Streamer/FileServer all in the case of a portable 80's stereo. This is hardcore Westside representation at it's finest.
-CGP fo Life-

October 7, 2003

Album Art Generator

CoverStar is a "unique CD and DVD artwork generator" for Mac OS X. It grabs a playlist from iTunes, some images from iPhoto, some fonts from your system and slaps them all together in very stylish and interesting layouts. It makes covers, liners, and even CD/DVD labels on the fly without any effort. Dont like the results? Just hit the generate button and see a whole new design.
-CGP fo Life-

October 3, 2003


Everyone MUST go out and purchase this right now, especially all you bust-ass-punk-mofo's fronting and perpatrating like you a true payer mac flossing all the hoes!


Half-Life 2 Source Leaked

ShackNews and Gabe Newell himself have announced that his personal computer and Valve's office computers were compromised. Read the story for the sordid details of the email hacks, custom trojans, and Microsoft security holes. Since code like this is heavily dependant on external libraries the code is no good to anyone except cheaters, and believe me they are having a field day. If only Valve would smarten up and switch to Mac, or at least make their game for the Mac.
-CGP fo Life-

October 1, 2003

Portable iPod Speakers

Altec Lansing announced the inMotion Portable iPod Speakers today. They feature:
"A highly efficient amplifier powers four full-range micro drivers to deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound, while the revolutionary MaxxBass technology allows listeners to enjoy deep bass without lugging large speakers around. Best of all, connectivity is as easy as placing your iPod into the built-in dock or connecting it through the auxiliary port."

They are an Apple Store exclusive this month and sell for $150.
-CGP fo Life-

Murder Muder

Master P's little brother, C-Murder has been found guilty of second-degree murder in a Louisiana court, and is facing life in prison, for the death of a 16 year old outside a club earlier this year.
-CGP fo Life-

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