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September 27, 2004

Metal Slug 3D


Metal Slug, the greatest 2D game ever made, is making the transition to 3d. Announced at the Tokyo Game Show friday, it's only been announced for Japan and for the PS2.

From the Gamespot article:
"It's safe to say that this installment in the Metal Slug series is very early in development. With that caveat, the version being shown on video has some pretty low-quality textures and only rudimentary animation at this point. The gameplay also seems very basic, with the only on-screen indicators being a life meter (so it's safe to assume that you'll be able to take more than one hit before dying, unlike most other Metal Slug games), ammo and grenade counters, and a basic radar display that shows off enemy locations. "

Hopefully it will keep the Metal Slug magic that stole thousands of my quarters over the years.

-CGP fo Life-

September 24, 2004

Flying Viper

It's probably been around forever, but it's new to me, so check out this video of a Dodge Viper GTS trying it's best to fly. You have to watch this video to believe what happens so I wont even bother trying to explain. Plus I'm really really lazy.

-CGP fo Life-

September 22, 2004

Mechanical Pong


Some crazy germans have built a mechanical version of Pong using pulleys, wires, motors and a relay computer. I want one!

-CGP fo Life-

September 17, 2004

Grab it while you can!

Wildbits created an iTunes plug-in called iPodDownload that lets you freely transfer songs from your iPod directly in iTunes without any secondary application. The problem though, is to make an iTunes plug-in you have to use Apple's SDK, and that means your plug-in, when compiled, contains Apple's code in it. So Apple legal got his site shut down until he removed the file. Luckily for you this guy is mirroring it. Grab it while you can.

-CGP fo Life-

September 14, 2004

Photo's from Heaven?


The ultimate Apple nerd's wet dream: 1,566 xServe G5's. This 25 teraflop behemoth is used for missile research at Colsa corporation for the US Army. The only question is Is it fast enough to run Doom 3 on a 30" Cinema Display?

-CGP fo Life-

September 10, 2004

Delicious Library 3


Think Secret has a sneak preview of Delicious Library 3. There are thousands of DVD/Book/CD catalogers for Mac OS X, and even a few that can look up the titles and pictures via the ISBN number. But how many can scan the ISBN through an iSight video camera? The interface looks sweet as well.

-KRS Juan-

September 8, 2004

Apple PDA/Phone


Gizmodo points out a closed ebay auction for a Siemen's phone that uses an Apple Newton Message Pad 100 to send and recieve faxes, as well as voicemail! Only released in Europe, the Newton can be removed and used as normal when the phone functions are not needed.

-CGP fo Life-

September 7, 2004


Joystiq has a wonderfull article up today. Step by step instructions on using the RetroZone kit mentioned here last week, to convert an original NES controller to work on a modern USB computer (or MAME box). Lot's of pretty photo's and simple to read these are the easiest instructions I have found.

-CGP fo Life-

September 1, 2004

T-Shirt Hell


If there is one thing everyone needs more of, it's offensive T-Shirts. And T-Shirt Hell is there to supply us with them. From politics to Rick James, they have everything to piss off your parents, teachers, and your local police department.

-CGP fo Life-

Bikes Against Bush Arrested

Remember Bikes Against Bush? The guy with the WiFi/Bluetooth anti-bush graffiti bike. He was planning on sparaying anti-Bush messages all over New York in chalk during the Republcan National Convention. He has been arrested, his bike has been confiscated, and he could face a $10,000 fine and a year in prison. Even though the graffiti is chalk based, he has been charged with "criminal mischief and criminal possession of graffiti instruments".

-CGP fo Life-

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