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October 29, 2004

Dont Touch the Wires

How do they collect on the fine?

(From BoingBoing)
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October 27, 2004


Courtesy Renegade Rice Cracker

October 26, 2004

DIY Final Scratch??

For his graduate thesis from the MIT MediaLab this guy used 2 CueCats (those free barcode readers from RadioShack), 2 Technics 1200's, and some homemade electronics to build his own homebrew version of FinalScratch.

"These pages document my final (graduate thesis) project at the Media Laboratory. The five month-long project concentrated on the development of a hardware/software interface for controlling musical events on a computer using a set of disk-jockey turntables and paper ‘records’ that can be printed or drawn. These records contain visual markings representing programming information for synthesis and/or sequencing of music, which is optically interpreted by a plug-in cartridge (aka spinal cat) for the turntable tonearm. The cartridge then communicates with software on a host computer via MIDI or serial protocols."

Check out the cool photo's or read the Thesis for yourself.

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October 25, 2004

Why Why Why????

Someone with far far too much free time has managed to install Mac OS X on a 25Mhz Centris 650! This blazing fast 68040 motorola processor has 68mb ram and a 4gb (SCSI of course) harddrive. How did he do it? First he made a working PearPC image with Panther on his windows PC, then he installed Debian Linux. It took an hour and a half to get from boot up to the grey screen w/ Apple logo (although on this machine it isnt grey).

"What next?
I Wait. According to the developers, PearPC using generic emulation (the only option on a non-x86) runs "about 500 times slower" than the host CPU. Ouch. That makes for a 0.05MHz G3, at the best. That's around 4000 times slower than the Athlon boots, and since that takes roughly 2 and a half minutes - I'm looking at at least 6.99 days. One week to boot!
Only next Monday!."

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October 15, 2004

Get Up, Get, Get, GetTunes

Grab GetTunes before Apple's legal team does!

"getTunes is a Mac version of myTunes, a small application that allows users to download music from local Rendezvous-shared iTunes music libraries (instead of streaming the songs). Don't steal music."

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Oh Anna!

"I wish I was a tennis racket!"

(Image stolen from Ace)
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October 7, 2004

Do You Know AfroNinja?


Do you know this AfroNinja? If you do, you can win $50. If you dont, then you should watch his video where he gets his ass kicked by the floor!.
From the request:
"Another silly video is spreading rapidly through the Internet, this
one dubbed the "Afro Ninja." My challenge: Please identify (by name)
the man in the video. If you're able to find his contact information
or any other details about the video's origins, feel free to pass them
on too."

-CGP fo Life-

Cool Stop Motion Videos

Some French university students made some really fun stop motion video's. There's not a whole lot of them, and they are pretty short so check them out. Found the link via boingboing.

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Shopping Cart Madness


The guys from CKY are chumps.
Andy Tyler strapped a JET ENGINE to his shopping cart. The homebuilt gas and liquid fuel pulse jet gets about 1112° F, so I guess the 35 year old has no plans to see 36.

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October 6, 2004

Laser Engraved Powerbook G4s


If I had a powerbook G4 I would be all over this! Cult Of Mac is showing off some custom made laser engraved powerbook g4 tops that look awsome. The guys who made it are considering doing it as a business if they see demand. Send an email to defor@eastrain.com for more info.

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Mac OS X on an xBox?

This guy has far far too much time on his hands. He hacked an xBox, and installed Linux. Fine lots of people do that, it's not super useful but it's a fun challenge for some people. But no, that wasnt enough for this guy. He went ahead and installed PearPC followed by Apple's Darwin. To top it all off he installed Mac OS X!!! Why????

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