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February 22, 2006

F Off Macrovision


Macrovision has a long history of being evil toward consumers in the name of copy-protection. Their half-assed attempts at DRM have always had flaws and rather than come up with something better they have decided to go after the little guys.

VersionTracker.com is reporting that Macrovision is demanding they stop linking to MacTheRipper.

"We have been contacted by Macrovision, who claims this violates their property and are threatening to sue us if we don't remove the links to it. We are checking with our legal advisors to find out what our options are. -VersionTracker Editors"

The best way to get your copy of MacTheRipper at the moment is via BitTorrent.

-CGP fo Life-

Damn You Dietrich


Your a drunken middle-aged Swedish executive from the now defunct Gizmondo, with a million dollar Enzo Ferrari, and a German friend named Dietrich. So what do you do when someone with a half-million dollar MacLaren Mercedes SLR challenges you to a race? You let Deitrich crash it into a pole going 120mph on Pacific Coast Highway of course! And here's a video of the aftermath.

-CGP fo Life-

February 7, 2006

KROQ Starts Streaming, Still Screws it Up


After years and years of refusing, Los Angeles based KROQ has finally started streaming their content online. But as always, the still managed to screw it up. Not only is the stream based in Windows Media and super low quality (54 kbps), but the site is so badly designed it does not work on anything except windows. After trying the site in every browser I could (Safari, Shiira, Opera, Firefox, ect. ect.) I gave up and found the stream's url in the source.


UPDATE - 2/22/05
Looks like they have changed URL's:


Drop that URL into Windows Media Player for mac and you too can hear The Kevin & Bean Show.

-CGP fo Life-

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