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KROQ Starts Streaming, Still Screws it Up


After years and years of refusing, Los Angeles based KROQ has finally started streaming their content online. But as always, the still managed to screw it up. Not only is the stream based in Windows Media and super low quality (54 kbps), but the site is so badly designed it does not work on anything except windows. After trying the site in every browser I could (Safari, Shiira, Opera, Firefox, ect. ect.) I gave up and found the stream's url in the source.


UPDATE - 2/22/05
Looks like they have changed URL's:


Drop that URL into Windows Media Player for mac and you too can hear The Kevin & Bean Show.

-CGP fo Life-


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THANK YOU! I use Opera and dig the KROQ. You rock.

If you want to use winamp, use http://bdcast-infinity-kroq-fm.wm.llnwd.net/bdcast_infinity_kroq-fm?MSWMExt=.asf/.wma

I also love KROQ and live in Australia. I added a link to the stream on my myspace. It makes for much easier listening and it seems to be a better quality stream than the one I get from winamp.

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