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August 29, 2006

Remembering Pluto

My friends over at Handsome Donkey have released a new video about the decline of everyones favorite junior planet. Clyde Tombaugh must be rolling in his grave.

-CGP fo Life-

August 24, 2006

Das UberTap and Ultimate Cocktail


The UberTap is bound to change the world (of college keggers)! With the Ubertap, you can laugh at the sad frat boys next door and their antiquated "hand-pump" and single hose dispenser because you my friend, you have THREE. The foot pedal pump means you never even have to break a sweat while filling endless dixie cups of PBR and Naughty Ice.

" What used to require expensive CO2 systems or tedious manual hand-pumping has now been replaced by a foot pump. This allows the user “handsfree” pressurization of the keg. By merging a brass and stainless steel coupling system with a stainless steel tri-splitter, Uber technology has created the toughest and most efficient beer dispensing device on the market today. A securely engineered seal and the seamless integration of the shaft with the tri-splitter allows the Uber tap to create the most efficient flow with the least amount of disturbance to the beer as it moves from the keg to the faucets. This system decreases wait time of users by allowing for swifter pumping and filling at the keg.

• Foot Pump replaces the less efficient traditional hand pump
• Tri-splitter to allow dispensation from three hoses at once
• Best engineered fit of any system available
• Seamless integration for least disturbance of beer as it moves through system"


And when the sun comes up, and your tired of puking beer, thats when you break out The Ultimate Cocktail! This ingenious device combines with the Ubertap to form VOLTRON the perfect party drink dispenser.

"In pursuit of perfection Uber tap engineers synchronized innovation and performance to create the final stage in the evolution of the punch bowl. With so many other choice beverages to dispense, beer is now just one of many tapped by a picnic pump. By linking a keg tap to the Ultimate Cocktail, party throwers can now eliminate the all too common mess, sticky floor, and drunken beverage contamination, while providing their guests with a signature cocktail for any event.

Turn any drink into a tapped beverage. Just pour in your drink, tap, and serve. Using advanced technology and functionality, the Ultimate Cocktail consists of a pressurized bottle with a screw top keg valve making for a miniature, reusable, plastic keg for drinks ranging from sports quenchers to Jungle Juice.

• Connects to your UberTap™
• Unique Design allows you to pressurize and tap any beverage
• Available in 5, 15, & 30 liter units
• Available for A, D, G, S, & U UberTap™ systems"

I may have to replace my work coffee mug with one of these badboys.

-CGP fo Life-

August 23, 2006



Make OS X pretty again with Uno:

UNO is a theme that brings the sunken unified toolbar/titlebar look&feel to every single window on your system (cocoa or carbon, metal or aqua and already unified windows as well).

On an higher level, UNO's main goal is to enhance aqua interface consistence, by making all elements look&feel "as one".
UNO is aimed to those who want a clean and un-osbstructive interface while keeping the best of Aqua.

The unity level proposed by UNO does not compromises overall GUI contrast: UNO and UNO shade can be mixed up in order to achieve that usability goal."

And it's free!

-CGP fo Life-

Imagine rx2008

Just Brilliant!

The Party Party.

-CGP fo Life-

Treehouse Pimpin


Do you have a spoiled kid and an extra $18,000? Or maybe you have a pirate obsession and need a place to hide from your wife? Well then Costco has your answer.

"Each tree house is built in two main pieces: the playhouse and the log. The log is a real, old fallen tree that we hollow out using a chainsaw! To get into the playhouse, simply enter the door in the hollow log, climb up the ladder in the center of the log and pull yourself through the trap door in the floor of the playhouse. Kids or no kids, this tree house is an incredible addition to any landscape!

Every tree house is a unique creation. That's because no two logs are exactly alike. Although they each differ, they're all extraordinary! Skallywag Sloop tree houses are about 14’ tall at the roof peak, and 20’ tall at the top of the flag. The average log is about 4' in diameter. It's a snug fit, but a large adult can easily climb inside and stand straight up with room to spare."

When I was a kid, I was lucky to get an eyepatch, let-alone a kisk-ass pirateship treehouse thats worth more than my car.

-CGP fo Life-

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