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Widget overload?

Konfabulator has spawned about a million (or 129 as of this writing) widgets. From the absolutely useless IP Serializer, which turns your IP address into a barcode (how 1984). To the still-absolutly-useless-but-kinda-cool-in-a-useless-way PowerMate Mail which flashes your Griffin Powermate (which itself goes in the useless-but-cool category) whenever you have unread mail. Although I guess that is applescriptable.

But what really caught my eye was the description for Widget Junkie:
"UPDATE::::Version 1.2 is arrival.

Is it Widget Junky?
That's right all the members.

This is Widget for acquiring the registration information on NEW Widget.
To the full, please pursue your favorite Widget."

Talk about engrish! This is an exact quote from the Konfabulator Gallery.
-CGP fo Life-


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