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I have been playing The Getaway for about two weeks now, and just passed the mansion with the lasers. "Why haven't you finished it?" you ask? Cause I DIDN'T READ THE FUCKING MANUAL. The game has no "training" mode or level so I just jumped in and figured it out by playing. I can't remember any time in my gaming history (easily 400 games) that I have missed out on MAJOR features of game-play due to not reading the manual, but now it's happened.

It turns out there is an Auto-Aim that is meant to be the primary attack but only works when enemies are around, so when you hide in an empty room to learn the controls, it does nothing so you assume it's unused.

And this one bothers me a lot. The game has no health or ammo gauges, and no health to pickup anywhere. I assumed that this meant there was no healing, boy was I wrong. Apparently leaning against walls heals you. Yes, LEANING heals you! WHAT THE FUCK!@#$% I want those magical morphine walls in my new condo!

Speaking of the condo, I get my keys on monday. I am so god damn excited I can't believe it. My first home, it's a ton of responsibility but will absolutely change my life for the better. I still have no roommate and can't afford to be without one. I put an ad in the Loyola-Marymount student paper since it's walking distance to the campus but only got 3 phone calls. First one didn't return my calls. Second forgot to leave his phone number in the message and didn't show up on my caller ID. Number 3 only wanted a summer place, and I don't want to go through this again in 3 months. Also I still haven't figured out hosting, I absolutely cannot get a static IP in the new place and cannot afford any kind of hosting. A few people have emailed me links to their favorite hosts (thanks) but I still cant swing it. Fear not, my dear readers, CapsGetPeeled will never die. The power of the Westside compels it.
-CGP fo Life-


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Tonight i will light a candle for you and say a prayer that will compel the demon spirit that made you retarded out from your body.

A manual is a wonderful things full of wonder-ous items such as HOW TO PLAY THE GAME. jeez. you can make a Beowulf cluster out of a toaster, an apple, a rusty faucet and an overclocked 386 but you can't read.

sad. there goes another $ of my tax money to help a kid get on the PS2 short plane.

-Fo Life-

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