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Lazy-Boy Sunday

Tomorrow I get the keys to my first home. I am more excited than I have ever been. I spent most of today looking for couches. I really wanted a reclining one but can't afford it. I think I'm getting this one but I'm not crazy about the color. It doesn't bother me, but black is so much better looking. Shopping sucks and I have no ability to match colors.

Brian helped me fix the sidebar text to be readable, now I have to convince him to fix the rest of this place. I added a BlogSnob and BlogHop section. For some reason my BlogShares Listing is very messed up. It sees only one incoming link when I know of at least 4, and only sees 3 outgoing links. My blogroll has like 20 sites in it! The oddest part is it sees one site in my blogroll and nothing else.
-CGP fo Life-


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