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XLink Kai: Evolution VII


The XLink Kai: Evolution VII website has opened for public registration, and they have announced the software will be released tomorrow!

"You've arrived at the new homepage of XLink's Kai Project. Kai is a flexible piece of (100% free) software, based on portable code, which allows you to play your Xbox, Gamecube and Playstation 2 LAN compatible games online.
Based on the tremendously successful XLink Messenger concept, Kai is a ground up rewrite of the best gaming tunnel ever created - bringing you awesome new features such as integrated Speex.org codec based group chatting, multi-console support, separated engine/UI logic, high performance distributed Orbital server technology, 'deep' network support, an open UI API specification, dynamic component updates, a super-clean, super-styling UI, and so, so much more. Ignore what anyone else tells you to use - if you aren't using Kai, you're not even in the game.
This site has been opened 2 days early to allow users to get registered with Kai and find their way around the new site and forum structure - so get yourself signed up, and take a look around - the client itself will debut here on Saturday 22nd May, at midnight BST. Make sure you're here for that."

Basically it lets you play LAN only Xbox/GameCube/PS2 games over the net with other people and works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Go and register now.

-CGP fo Life-


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