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Don't want your your favorite porn site to know your surfing from inside NASA? Trying to keep the feds from knowing you grow your own medicine?
Then AnoniSurf is the answer you've been looking for!

"AnoniSurf has arrived for MacOS X. No longer a front-end to Anonymizer, AnoniSurf uses a script by James Marshall called CGIProxy. It filters out ads, masks your IP address, and prevents you from unwanted hack attempts while surfing the web. Please read the disclaimer before using the software! v1.2 adds a server database, server crawler, cleaner interface, smaller file size, software update feature, and an online PHP framework created by Patrick Paul."

FGSoft.net has contacted me and asked me to remind you that they do not condone illegal use of their software, and they are not legally liable for any misuse.

CapsGetPeeled.com however encourages you to participate in victimless crime, senseless mayhem, and total anarchy (just dont use this app to do it).

-CGP fo Life-


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