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Why Innovate When You Can Steal?

Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference 2004 kicked off today with a keynote from Steve that previewed many of the new features of Mac OS 10.4 a.k.a. Tiger.

Apple has covered WWDC in giant posters that talk smack about Microsoft stealing OS ideas from Apple including "Redmond, Start your photocopiers". Normally, I am all for this sort of jab, except when at the same event you also tout two huge new Tiger features that were flat out stolen from shareware developers!!

Spotlight -"Find anything, anywhere on your computer in no time flat". Gee that sounds and act's exactly like BlackTree's Quicksilver.

Dashboard -"Open fast access JavaScript widgets with a press of a button". Hrmmm thatís exactly how I would describe Konfabulator.

Then there's Automator which is pretty similar to QuicKeys and 100 other scripting suites.
And don't forget that Safari now does RSS feeds, a la NetNewsWire.

Did apple forget the whole Sherlock/Watson scandal????? Apple stole all the ideas behind Watson to make Sherlock 3, and it sucked. It still sucks, but Watson suffered for a while and now after a year of no updates, Karelia is selling it off.

Is Steve sitting in his door and windowless house planning the death for every loved Mac shareware application?

-CGP fo Life-


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[Re: Spotlight being a rip-off]

You do realise that one of the guys developing Spotlight is the same guy who was instrumental in writing the BFS, and BeOS's 'live query' system, which well predates that Quicksilver thingo.

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