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Homemade Flamethrower


Answering the age old question of: What happens when you mix a bored geek, $100 worth of PVC from HomeDepot, and a can of denatured alcohol? A homemade flamethrower of course!

"Like any red-blooded, masculine man of the male gender, I love PVC weaponry. You should too. If the concept of heading on down to the local Home Depot and transforming $100 worth of random pipe bits into a killing machine doesnít appeal to you, youíre a goddamn pansy. Also, youíre probably sane and will live significantly longer than I will. Nonetheless you disgust me, and I take comfort in the knowledge that your obituary will be nowhere near as humorous as mine. For those of you who laugh in the face of hypersonic shards of plastic puncturing your spleen, hereís an intimate look at how Iíve kept myself busy for the past week: building a PVC flamethrower.
If you're not interested in the building process, skip to the bottom of the post for the fire."

Let's see that punk ass neighbor kid shoot his potato launcher at my yard again!
-CGP fo Life-


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